We offer sales, servicing, and recharging of all sizes and types of Fire Extinguishers and extinguishing equipment.

We will install new Fire Alarms plus we offer inspection, testing, and repairs of existing Fire Alarm Systems.

We offer installation, inspection, testing, and certifying of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.

We provide a complete selection of Personal Protective and Safety Equipment allowing you to make safety to be a priority.

Building Owners Brochure

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Commercial building owners in Alberta should absolutely know this

If you don’t comply to Alberta fire code, you may be subject to fines as well as
your insurance company may not cover you if you have a fire and you are not up
to code.

“Owners failing to comply with maintenance requirements as identified in the
Alberta Fire Code may be subject to fines of not more than

$15,000 and/or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, as per the
Alberta Safety Codes Act Section 68(1).”