Why you should have Fire Extinguishers on Every Floor of your home.

Just imagine there is a fire breakout and the only thing you can do is to call fire Department, but what if the fire department is far away from your home. Usually while constructing houses or selecting apartments the one thing is you should keep in your mind is the locality. Select such kinds of localities where all the basic amenities and facilities are available like hospitals, shops, colleges, malls, fire extinguishers etc. The one good quality about having fire extinguisher on every floor of your home, is to avoid certain life threatening disasters that can result from simple, careless mistakes in the daily routine.

fire extinguisher in every floor of your home

After all, it only takes a second for an accident to happen in your home, a fire in the kitchen, an electrical outlet in the basement or a fuse, kids playing with matches in or near the house.
Don’t think it can happen to you, wouldn’t you rather be prepared, and for the small cost of a fire extinguisher or several for your home, if it could save someone’s life or prevent them from being seriously burned, isn’t it worth it.

The fire department is available for service for 24 hours and can be called at any point of time when even any normal help from neighbours or acquaintances is not available. This gives a major advantage and it’s also nice to have a fire department close to your home but that’s not always the case.

The members of the fire department that come for a fire in your home,  they have fire proof clothes and  wear these clothes, unfortunately this is not the case for you or me in her home. This is a key advantage over the regular fire extinguishers that are used in most places as, when an individual is in possession of fire proof clothes, he can save lives that are stuck in the fire. Lives can be saved or children and family members can be saved from being seriously burnt or scarred for life, when the fire  could be quickly extinguished because you have a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home rather than waiting for the fire to go off first and then recover the victims. Also, these fire fighters are trained and experienced with large scale fire situations and have the practical knowledge of tackling such disastrous accidents.

So once again wouldn’t you rather be protected and have peace of mind for yourself and your family, just go to Google news and type in fire destroys family home.
Here’s a screenshot from today, and January 2016, don’t think it couldn’t happen to you, be prepared!!



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What’s the difference between Flammables and Combustibles?

What’s the difference between Flammables and Combustibles?

And why should you care? Well if you store anything in your basement or garage, you should know the difference and you should be careful of how you store them.

One of the major confusion people will have is about flammables and combustibles. First let’s talk about flammables.

What’s the difference between Flammables and Combustibles

Flammables- these are the substances which catches fire. And flammability is defined as the ability of a material to burn which results in combustion or fire. Also they are defined as the capability to burn. Flammables are used where we need to ignite some materials easily and also these materials are more dangerous. The flash point of a flammable material is 100 C. There are many tests which help in determining the degree of flammability. The very two important characteristics of flammables are vapour pressure and flash point. Flash point tells how easy it is to ignite the material’s vapour when it evaporates into the atmosphere. Flash point and flammability are inversely proportional to each other. Lower flash point indicates higher flammability. And if the flash point is higher than lower flammability will be there. Vapour pressure tells about the liquid’s vapour which tends to concentrate in the surrounding atmosphere when liquid evaporates. Flash point and vapour pressure are inversely proportional to each other. As vapour pressure increases flash point decreases which results in higher flammability. Some very good examples for flammable materials are petrol, gasoline, ethanol, acetone, methyl alcohol and so on. Whenever you will purchase flammable container there will be a sign indicating flammable materials.

This is why so important to know what you’re storing and where you’re storing it, you don’t want to have an accident or something that is vaporous can easily ignite and cause a fire in your home.
At Pro-tech, we sell fire extinguishers for the home as well as for commercial. Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house at least on the main floor?
One of our clients has a great story:

“Hi, my name is Allan fine and I’m a client of protechfireandsafety. In 2014 my wife and I were making fondue for the family, and a small container that holds the fuel spilled on our dining room table as my wife was trying to put it out. It caught the entire table on fire as well as splashed on her sweater causing her to go on fire as well.
I heard the screams my office, and quickly ran into my pantry where I had my fire extinguisher that I had purchased from Pro-Tech. I put the fire out and two seconds, my wife froze and my kids were totally freaked out. Thank goodness I had a fire Extinguisher or and might’ve ended up a lot differently”

Combustibles- it is defined as the substances which readily catches fires through fire or combustion. Many safety measures and precaution are taken when using combustible substances. Usually combustibles comes as a by product. When constructing any building or houses fire resistant substances are used. As I said most of combustible substances are produced as a by product. And the popular example for this is wood dust, carbon based dust, magnesium, titanium and many more. There are many tests available which measures the combustibility of a substance. Many combustibles are sometimes suspended in the air which when gets accumulates is a danger for explosions. Usually in construction field, combustibles substances are used. For example wood is used for furniture application and wood is a combustible substance. Therefore materials with low combustibility are used in construction application and that is the reason in construction application fire resistant materials are used. Sometimes to avoid combustion, materials are coated with fire resistant application. The degree of combustibility depends on the chemical composition of substances. Flammability and combustibility are different from each other.


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Smoke detectors save lives, do you have enough in your house?

Imagine yourself in a deep sleep and suddenly your Woken up to a shrill sound or a extremely loud warning!
Your smoke detector just went off, and thank goodness it did because the seconds it saves you could Be the difference between life and death for yourself and your loved ones in your home!

  • Install smoke alarms in every bedroom.
  • And outside every sleeping area and every level of their home.
  • For best protection, interconnect all smoke alarms throughout home –
  • When one sounds if interconnected, they all sound.
  • Test smoke alarms at least once a month using the test button.
  • Replace smoke alarm at least every 10 years or sooner if manufacturer recommends.

smoke detector save lives

So for these reasons everyone should install fire alarms or smoke detectors at their houses. Nowadays it has become mandatory to install fire alarms. Typically a smoke detector will be in a disc shape with varying dimensions based on the applications. Recently there was a survey and it was found nearly around 85% of populations of Canada have installed smoke detectors. Smoke detectors work on two principles namely ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. If you have a big house or spacious house then make sure to install smoke detectors in every rooms and balconies. And never think about your budget while installing smoke detectors because whatever you are doing it is for the safety of your family. When there is any smoke coming, the smoke detectors detects the smoke and starts making sound and make you alert. One of the best features of smoke detector is interconnected smoke detectors.

These interconnected smoke detectors are of two types- analog or conventional. These are controlled by fire alarm systems and security alarm system. These are quite expensive than single alarm systems. You can see these types of detectors in many malls, hospitals, trains etc. These are also seen in many homes. The best advantage of this is when there is any smoke coming out from any specific area it can alarm the whole place like malls and makes you alert.

One of the major responsibilities of you is to check the alarm at least once in a month. Due to many technical reasons some alarms stops working without even giving you warning. Imagine yourself in a house sleeping peacefully and where there is fire breakout, then who is going to alarm you because your smoke detector is out of the service since many months. So it is better to check your alarm system every month to avoid danger. Every smoke detector is given with a test button to check its shelf life. And every smoke detector has specific shelf life or say durability. Normally a typical smoke detector can last up to 8-10 years. So you should always replace your smoke detectors in every 10 years or before that if your manufacturer recommends you to do it.

We sell a variety of great smoke detectors as well as many other fire prevention and fire safety types of equipment, we have a great showroom for you to come down and we can answer any question you may have for residential or commercial fire safety.


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Fire Prevention Week -2015

What to be scarier than having a fire your home, knowing that you could’ve prevented it!

Fire prevention week starts on October 4-10 2015, and as Albertans number one fire and safety company,  http://www.protechfireandsafety.com is dedicated to helping Albertans prevent the number one preventable tragedy, fire in your home or in your business

Fire Prevention Week  As the main sponsor of Fire Avoidance Week (FPW) for more than 80 years, NFPA picks the motif for the nationwide celebration and functions to boost public recognition concerning the hazards of fire and how you can prevent it. According to the National Archives and Records Management’s Library Library, Fire Avoidance Week is the lengthiest running hygienics and security regard on record. To sustain local engine company, an unique Website, firepreventionweek. org, gives data, media products, activities, driving lesson strategies and more.


The record of FPW has its origins in the Great Chicago Fire, which happened on October 9, 187 This terrible blaze killed more than 250 individuals, left 100,000 individuals destitute, and ruined more than 17,000 structures. The Fire Marshals Association of North The united state [now the International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA)] sponsored the initial National Fire Avoidance Day on the 40th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson provided the initial National Fire Avoidance Day pronouncement. Annually given that 1925, the President of the United States has actually signed a pronouncement pronouncing the Sunday with Sunday period where October 9 happens a week of nationwide regard.

Although Fire Prevention Week is noted in October, in addition to National Autumn Firefighters Weekend break, whenever of the year is great for teaching children the value of fire avoidance and security. International Firefighters’ Day is noted in May.

October 5th -11 th 2014 is fire protection week in Canada. At fire avoidance week, different fire organizations and fire specialists from all throughout the country attend in addition to a number of pupils and instructors. Tunes and amusement regarding to fire security is additionally readily available making fire education enjoyable. Guest speakers are additionally a big component of fire protection week. Youngsters additionally generally obtain rewards.

Home fires

  • In 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to 370,000 home structure fires. These fires caused 13,910 civilian injuries, 2,520 civilian deaths, $6.9 billion in direct damage.
  • On average, seven people died in U.S. home fires per day from 2007 to 2011.
  • Cooking is the leading cause home fires and home fire injuries, followed heating equipment.
  • Smoking is a leading cause of civilian home fire deaths.
  • Most fatal fires kill one or two people. In 2012, 8 home fires killed five or more people resulting in a total of 44 deaths.The ‘Moo’ myth

Like any kind of excellent story, the ‘instance of the cow’ has some reality to it. The great fire almost certainly began near the barn where Mrs. O’Leary kept her 5 milking cows. But there is no proof that O’Leary was in the barn when the fire broke out – or that a tense cow triggered the blaze. Mrs. O’Leary herself vouched that she ‘d been in bed early that evening, and that the cows were additionally embeded for the evening.

But if a cow wasn’t responsible for the significant fire, just what was? Throughout the years, journalists and historians have supplied lots of concepts. Some blamed the blaze on a number of neighborhood boys which were near the barn creeping cigarettes. Others believed that a neighbor of the O’Leary’s usually have started the fire. Some individuals have hypothesized that an intense meteorite oftens have fallen to earth on October 8, beginning many fires that day – in Michigan and Wisconsin, along with in Chicago,

The greatest blaze that week
While the Great Chicago Fire was the best-known blaze to start throughout this fiery two-day stretch, it wasn’t the greatest. That distinction goes to the Peshtigo Fire, one of the most devastating woodland fire in American record. The fire, which additionally happened on October 8th, 1871, and roared with Northeast Wisconsin, burning down 16 communities, eliminating 1,152 individuals, and sweltering 1.2 million acres just before it finished.

Historical accounts of the fire state that the blaze began when many railroad workers removing land for tracks accidentally began a brush fire. Soon, the fast-moving flames were whipping with the area ‘like a tornado,’ some survivors stated. It was the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin that endured the worst damages. Within a hr, the entire town had actually been ruined.

Nine decades of fire avoidance
Those which survived the Chicago and Peshtigo fires never ever neglected just what they ‘d been with; both blazes generated numerous stories of bravery and heroism. But the fires additionally changed the method that firefighters and public officials thought of fire security. On the 40th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, the Fire Marshals Association of North The united state (today known as the International Fire Marshals Association), chose that the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire need to from this point forward be noted not the events, yet in such a way that would keep the public informed concerning the relevance of fire avoidance. The celebration increased incrementally main over the years.

In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson provided the initial National Fire Avoidance Day pronouncement, and given that 1922, Fire Avoidance Week has actually been noted on the Sunday with Sunday period where October 9 falls. According to the National Archives and Records Management’s Library Library, Fire Avoidance Week is the lengthiest running hygienics and security regard on record. The President of the United States has actually signed a pronouncement proclaiming a national regard throughout that week each year given that 1925.

Fire Prevention Week themes over the years:

1927 Why this Mad Sacrifice to Fire?
1928 FIRE … Do Your Component– Quit This Waste!
1929 FIRE– The Nation’s Greatest Menace! Do Your Component to Quit This Waste!
1930 Battle Fire Waste the Fire Avoidance. Do Your Component
1931 Do Your Component to avoid Fire
1932 Your Life. Your Home
1933 Your Life. Your Home
1934 Now Battle ablaze
1935 Exactly what Would certainly Fire Mean to You?
1936 Quit It
1937 Aid Prevent Fires
1938 Is This Your Tomorrow?
1939 Was Somebody Reckless?
1940 Keep Fire In Its Area
1941 Resist Fire
1942 Today Every Fire Assists Hitler
1943 Fires Defend the Axis! (to stress house fire avoidance)
Feed Muay thai fighters Not Fires (farm and country project)
The Battle’s Over for This Plant (industrial usage)
Was Somebody Reckless? (basic purpose)
1944 To Speed up Victory– Stop Fires (basic purpose)
Feed Muay thai fighters, Not Fires! (farm and country)
To Speed up Victory, Defeat Fire (town plaster)
1945 We Burned the Adversary– Now Save Yourself from Fire
1946 FIRE is the Silent Partner of Inflation
1947 YOU created 1,700,000 Fires in 2013!
1948 Aid Yourself to Fire Avoidance!
1949 Flameproof Your Future!
1950 Do not Allow Fire Lick You
1951 Defend The united state From Fire
1952 Be Free From Anxiety of Fire
1953 Fire Feeds upon Reckless Acts
1954 Let’s Grow Up– Not Burn Up
1955 Do not Offer Fire An Area to Start
1956 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1957 Make certain of Their Tomorrows– Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1958 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1959 Fire Avoidance is Your Work … As well
1960 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1961 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1962 Fire Avoidance is Your Work … As well
1963 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1964 Fire Avoidance is Your Work … As well
1965 Do not Offer Fire a Location to Start
1966 Battle Fire
1967 Fire Harms
1968 Fire Harms
1969 Fire Harms
1970 Fire Harms
1971 Fire Harms
1972 Fire Harms
1973 Aid Quit Fire
1974 Factors That Burn
1975 Learn Not to Burn
1976 Learn Not to Burn
1977 Where There’s Smoke, There Must Be a Smoke Alarm
1978 You Are Not the only one!
1979 Partners in Fire Avoidance
1980 Partners in Fire Avoidance
1981 EDITH (Leave Drills In The Residence)
1982 Learn Not To Burn – Wherever You Are
1983 Learn Not To Burn All Through the Year
1984 Sign up with the Fire Avoidance Team
1985 Fire Drills Save Lives in the house at College at the workplace
1986 Learn Not to Burn: It Truly Functions!
1987 Play It Safe … Plan Your Escape
1988 A Noise You Could Deal with: Examination Your Smoke alarm
1989 Big Fires Beginning Small: Keep Matches and Lighters in the Right Hands
1990 Keep Your Area Firesafe: Search for Residence Hazards
1991 Fire Won’t Wait … Plan Your Escape.1992 Examination Your
Detector – It’s Audio Suggestions!
1993 Get Out, Stay Out: Your Fire Safe Response
1994 Examination Your Detector Forever
1995 Watch Exactly what You Warmth: Prevent Residence Fires!
1996 Let’s Hear It For Fire Safety and security: Examination Your Detectors!
1997 Know When to Go: React Quickly to Fire
1998 Fire Drills: The Great Escape!
1999 Fire Drills: The Great Escape!
2000 Fire Drills: The Great Escape!
2001 Cover the Bases & Strike Out Fire
2002 Team Up for Fire Safety
2003 When Fire Strikes: Get Out! Stay Out!
2004 It’s Fire Prevention Week! Test Your Smoke Alarms
2005 Use Candles with Care
2006 Prevent Cooking Fires: Watch what you Heat
2007 Practice Your Escape Plan
2008 Prevent Home Fires
2009 Stay Fire Smart! Don’t get Burned
2010 Smoke Alarms: A Sound you can Live With
2011 Protect Your Family from Fire

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Welcome to the ProTech fire and safety blog

Our goal is to provide you with education on the most up-to-date information on fire and safety on the Internet.

Bio Med Wash

BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudate from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes.

  • Emergency first aid eye wash and irrigation
  • All-natural biocompatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications
  • Unique bag-in-can pressure spray for added safety and sterility
  • Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations
  • Helps remove irritating chemicals from eyes and skin
  • Ingredient: Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade of water

With BIO MED WASH, Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies introduces the concept of an all-natural sterile wash for wound management and emergency professionals. For agencies that handle or sell irritating chemicals such as pepper spray or tear gas, BIO MED WASH could reduce liability and expand the capacity to cope with emergency situations.

Another hydrotherapy innovation from:
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Biomedical Research – Water and Hydrotherapy
Research – Education – Pure Water Products – Humanitarian Charities

Bio-Med Eyewash Station. C/W Two 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash Solutions. Bio-Med Eyewash 3Oz can With Holder.

Bio-Med Eyewash Wall Mount Magazine. This Station holds 15 cans of 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash. Great for any type of environment with large quantities of particulates in the air.

Single Wall OR Tuck Mount For 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will BIO MED WASH make a wound burn or sting?
No. BIO MED WASH is chemical and saline-free, with nothing to cause further irritation.

Can BIO MED WASH be used to flush the eyes?
Yes. BIO MED WASH is 100% safe for eye irrigation.

How long may BIO MED WASH be safely stored?
BIO MED WASH has a shelf life of four years. If Not used.

Do not store in temperatures below 5o F ( – 15 C) or above 120o F ( 49 C .)

What are the advantages of a saline-free first aid wash?
Saline (salt) decreases shelf life, makes water heavy and dehydrating, and can sting. BIO MED WASH is a light, saline free tissue-culture grade water proven to absorb more deeply and beneficially than other waters, including saline solution. Saline solution contains 140 times more dissolved solute than BIO MED WASH. Although dissolved solutes in minute quantities are beneficial for healing, the more solutes a water contains, the less the water is able to dissolve and wash impurities (saline solution is recommended for washing deep intramuscular cuts).

Can BIO MED WASH help with exposure to plant toxins?
BIO MED WASH can help wash toxic oils from plants (such as poison ivy or poison oak) off skin and could help lessen the severity of the reaction.

How does BIO MED WASH® benefit OC exposure?
BIO MED WASH will probably not remove all OC (“oleoresin capsicum” or pepper spray) from skin or eyes. The product provides a sterile wash to start the decontamination process, and can also help reduce the risk of secondary exposure for someone attending a sprayed individual.
Note: OC should be washed off with great care and according to established first aid procedures. Contaminated areas should not be touched or scrubbed.

Pricing and Additional Information Available Upon Request.