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Bio Med Wash

BIO MED WASH® is a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua®, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade of water. The application is helpful in removing particulate matter and crusted exudate from cuts and abrasions, and in removing irritating chemicals from skin and eyes.

  • Emergency first aid eye wash and irrigation
  • All-natural biocompatible hydrotherapy product replaces distilled, saline and tap water for most applications
  • Unique bag-in-can pressure spray for added safety and sterility
  • Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations
  • Helps remove irritating chemicals from eyes and skin
  • Ingredient: Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade of water

With BIO MED WASH, Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies introduces the concept of an all-natural sterile wash for wound management and emergency professionals. For agencies that handle or sell irritating chemicals such as pepper spray or tear gas, BIO MED WASH could reduce liability and expand the capacity to cope with emergency situations.

Another hydrotherapy innovation from:

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Biomedical Research – Water and Hydrotherapy
Research – Education – Pure Water Products – Humanitarian Charities

Bio-Med Eyewash Station. C/W Two 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash Solutions. Bio-Med Eyewash 3Oz can With Holder.

Bio-Med Eyewash Wall Mount Magazine. This Station holds 15 cans of 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash. Great for any type of environment with large quantities of particulates in the air.

Single Wall OR Tuck Mount For 7oz Bio-Med Eyewash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will BIO MED WASH make a wound burn or sting?
No. BIO MED WASH is chemical and saline-free, with nothing to cause further irritation.

Can BIO MED WASH be used to flush the eyes?
Yes. BIO MED WASH is 100% safe for eye irrigation.

How long may BIO MED WASH be safely stored?
BIO MED WASH has a shelf life of four years. If Not used.

Do not store in temperatures below 5o F ( – 15 C) or above 120o F ( 49 C .)

What are the advantages of a saline-free first aid wash?

Saline (salt) decreases shelf life, makes water heavy and dehydrating, and can sting. BIO MED WASH is a light, saline free tissue-culture grade water proven to absorb more deeply and beneficially than other waters, including saline solution. Saline solution contains 140 times more dissolved solute than BIO MED WASH. Although dissolved solutes in minute quantities are beneficial for healing, the more solutes a water contains, the less the water is able to dissolve and wash impurities (saline solution is recommended for washing deep intramuscular cuts).

Can BIO MED WASH help with exposure to plant toxins?

BIO MED WASH can help wash toxic oils from plants (such as poison ivy or poison oak) off skin and could help lessen the severity of the reaction.

How does BIO MED WASH® benefit OC exposure?
BIO MED WASH will probably not remove all OC (“oleoresin capsicum” or pepper spray) from skin or eyes. The product provides a sterile wash to start the decontamination process, and can also help reduce the risk of secondary exposure for someone attending a sprayed individual.

Note: OC should be washed off with great care and according to established first aid procedures. Contaminated areas should not be touched or scrubbed.

Pricing and Additional Information Available Upon Request.